Our Specialist M&A Advisory Sectors

Natrium Capital is a highly specialised Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) company with an enormous depth of combined experience and expertise in our serviced sectors. The Natrium Team includes global leaders in these fields, and the UK Team alone has, between them, facilitated over US$100 bn of M&A transactions. By expanding our global presence through strategic partnerships, we are continually building on our capabilities and extending our reach.

Our specialist sectors are:


Chemicals & Adhesives

Natrium Capital is an M&A boutique focused on serving the Chemicals and Adhesives industries across a broad range of sub-sectors. We have considerable experience of major global, cross-border transactions, having advised clients in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia, especially India.

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Our senior advisors have an unrivalled understanding of corporate finance in the Materials sector, derived from our experience at high-level international transactions over the last thirty years.

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Paints, Coatings & Inks

The team at Natrium Capital have been significantly involved in the restructuring of the Paints & Coatings industry over the last twenty years. In this sector, we have unsurpassed experience of managing a substantial transaction both from the point of view of the company and of the market place.

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Natrium Capital has extensive understanding of companies with new and developing technologies and has established relationships with leading scientific advisors. An in-depth understanding of the science is essential to obtaining the best value for your company on sale or refunding. Natrium Capital specialises in disposals which are sell-side mandates for our clients within the Biotech sector.

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Clean Technologies

Our scientific focus is central to retaining the position of Natrium Capital at the forefront of corporate finance in this rapidly changing sector. As a boutique M&A specialist, we have the ability to respond to evolving trends and to recognise the potential value of new Clean Technologies. This has proved crucial in realising value for our sell-side mandates for clients undertaking disposals.

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